Surviving Your Journey Podcast Show Notes for Season 3 2019-2020

Season 3 is from September 9, 2019 to May 25, 2020

  • Regular season is from September to May.
  • Monday – is the day of the week for biweekly 2x a month podcast episodes release by 10:00 am EST – these are short stories clips with sometimes releasing a bonus promo of a full length short story for the week for all listeners, but it will be rare and a bonus. Most of these stories release to the public will be short clips of the actual full story. Patrons will get the full access all the time. 
  • Dates of regular season podcast episodes releases are on show notes for that year and home page of MOLIAE website.
  • Summer Break – is during the off regular season months from June to August releasing one time a month on Mondays by 10:00 am EST for the lead up to to regular new season in the fall in September of that year. **Dates for summer break here

Podcast Show Premiere: September 9, 2019:

Below are dates podcast episodes will be bimonthy and no longer the weekly releases – Thank you for your support!

Surviving Your Journey Towards Success Podcast Show - by Nichel Anderson

9/9/2019 * Regular Season Returns – Premiere Show “How to conquer Mr. and Mrs. Worry” Episode 70, focusing on The dilemmas arising from the worrisome in not knowing what is the outcome of a particular situation or person to not understanding the root cause. As a survivor of Mr. and Mrs. Worry, anything is possible to live a life with mental freedom.

9/23/2019 Why you should aim to be happy” Episode 71, focusing on proactive approach to aim for happiness while on your journey and why the significance in doing so for mental peace.

10/7/2019 – “When your journey path seems there is no way out” Episode 72 / Motivational Strategies / Season 3 – a focus on the way we can learn to create a strategy for success.

10/21/2019 – “Why leaders must avoid denial and accept truth for efficiency” – Episode 73 / Leadership – a plan of action to avoid the domain of denying the obvious roadblocks in an organization.

11/4/2019 – “How managers can identify a team lead is a motivational leader” Episode 74 / Leadership – a discussion to how to hire and motivate true leaders for the company that delivers productivity long-term.

11/18/2019 – “How to build strong leaders in your organization to reduce toxicity” Episode 75 / Management Strategies – the focus on how organization struggle to build strong leaders without carrying toxicity that restricts internal motivational growth.

12/2/2019 – Guest Speaker Interview – Mitchell Levy, CEO, AhaThat, Tedx Spreaker – Episode 76/ Business Strategies – a one-on-one interview with an influencer in the business professionals realm authoring books, leadership strategies and brand awareness, Mr. Levy shares his successes and strategies.

12/16/2019 – “Why you should not waste people time” – Episode 77 / Success Strategies – discussing a plan of action to remove people that waste your time by outlining key strategies for long-term success.

-1/6/2020 – “Management should know the truth and accept truth” – Episode 78 / Management Strategies – a discussion to how managers can succeed by accepting the truth and not denying the facts presented to them that furthers complicates their internal organization.

-1/20/2020 – “Insecurity is the pathway to the domain Mr. Fear” – Episode 79 / Life Strategies – a needed discussion on the pillars of low-self esteem that restricts in creating a way that promotes not meeting motivational goals, thus, addressing insecurity for the culprit it is needed to remove immediately those people that encourages such negativity or your own way of perceiving.

-2/3/2020 – “Why Life is GOLD and you should always fight for it” – Episode 80 / Motivational Strategies – a focus on appreciating life for what it is in achieving a better understanding of life and thereby doing good deeds, selecting good people to be around.

2/17/2020 – “What does it mean when training is lacking accountability” – Episode 81 / Management Strategies – a focus on making training a priority and necessity within the organization for the overall mission to achieve greater things forward.

-3/2/2020“Management must balance the scale of fairness in the workplace”Episode 82 / Leadership – a focus on leadership ability to manage resources and motivational aspects in a balance way that serves the overall greater good for everyone.

3/16/2020“How does workplace toxicity starts and strategies to remove those barriers” – Episode 83 / Leadership Strategies – a strategy focus on removing toxicity that can produces difficulty in the workplace not able to serve the primary objective as proposed by the organization.

-4/6/2020 – “When forgiveness is difficult, but you are required to do so” -Episode 84 / Motivational Strategiesa focus on accepting those that actually did redemption and continue to do so that deserves a second look of review, for ameans of letting go.

“Forgiveness should not be complicated, in acceptance there is a long journey” – Episode 85 / Mental Peace- the focus on identifying a road-map to get thru the perceived challenges to a way that encourages acceptance – our healing.

-5/4/2020 – “Top five leadership strategies” – Episode 86 / Leadership – a listing of the best strategies to deliver a proactive way to achieve set goals that promote a Prestige Leadership concept in your organisations.

5/18/2020  – “Top three ways to get your mental peace” – Episode 8 / Mental peace – the discussion on outlining meaning ways that get your mental peace with bold steps that works with a determined intent for success.

July 9, 2020

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