PRESS RELEASE – “Nichel Anderson Official Website App”


The first app of “Nichel Anderson Official Website” where users can gain access to the app currently only on Google Play. There are plans to have accessibility in the Apple Store. In the meantime, below are some of the key features users can enjoy after downloading the FREE app:


  • access to all features of the official website via the app
  • a great feature “Ask Me” for asking Nichel on subjects to assist in surviving your journey towards success
  • ability to sign up and take Nichel Anderson’s business career professional development courses
  • access to motivational quotes in relation to three main areas (career, personal goals, and motivational strategies)
  • access to podcast episodes via the app
  • direct link up to Nichel Anderson podcast show notes – Surviving Your Journey Towards Success Podcast Show
  • access to social platforms associated with the host, Nichel Anderson
  • messaging capability directly to host
  • an anonymity feature for those wanting to request topics or questions  through app or linked up to forum on Nichel Anderson official website without providing any contact info for convenience
  • platform to submit questions that will assist in the ongoing database for reference in seeking motivational quotes or inspiration
  • access to events PLUS purchase tickets as well as webinars and lecturers
  • …and more


Download the app and share it if you like as well as rate it!


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