December “Tell It In Five” – Support Teams – Series Part 2


“Why Choosing The Right Support Teams Matter”


In this week blog post, the importance in choosing the right support teams matters to the beneficial aspect of your project goals forward. The initiative is in the details but the framework to keep it together is in the supportive measures. Many opportunities arises to follow thru and assist in getting your project goals done, however, without the consistency, as covered last week to measuring the capabilities of the support teams the project goals will be nonexistence. Let us focus on a solidified blueprint that allows for those we select follow the same commitment. How can you do that in unchartered waters or journey? Take these below five strategies to get you back on track or assure you are on the right path:


  1. Loyalty. Loyalty. They must have loyalty to the project and professionalism in their message to being committed for your support.
  2. Follow their commitment from before to the now? Aim in asking those that seek to support demonstrated the patterns warranted to your vision.
  3. Commit to know their skills actually matches up to yours. There is nothing worth with someone that can truly support in your needed areas
  4. Understand your blueprint in many different perspectives, so the selected support team clearly can re-relay your vision and mission goals
  5. Aim towards positive people that are innovated as well as respectful to your project authority, it does matter longterm.


Check out this week podcast that highlight my article on and stay tune for the next series of blog articles for this last month of the year:


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