December “Tell It In Five” – Self Motivation – Series Part 3


“Self-Motivation is key to success”

When we conduct self-motivation, we allow for a new perspective to create a plan of action with a positive onset forward to make productive choices for self enrichment and others. Self-motivation is key towards your success that offers a way to regain the needed perspective to enrich your dreams into more dreams that offer a productive way in accomplishing your goals. That is why, the challenges at times can be overwhelming, initially, but it is your willingness to self motivate yourself or get self motivated by others – in which, you choose to move/motivate forward. In doing so, you reach your success and gain new perspective how to overcome those times where accomplish outreach when it is just in reach.

In this week “Tell It In Five” try these quick self-motivational strategies to help you succeed when your aim is to accomplish your project goal:

1) Plan for small time in reviewing what you have accomplish to get to where you are – there is always something to celebrate or be thankful for

2) Aim in creating tasks that lead to the bigger project for the accomplishing meter reinforces your self-motivation to keep going

3) Refrain from the negative and instead aspire for the greatness of what you can do

4) Listen to different viewpoints that reinforces your motivation that you can do this

5) Always be willing to tell yourself that you matter, that your project matter to someone else

Check out this week podcast that highlight my article on and stay tune for the next series of blog articles for this last month of the year:


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