December “Tell It In Five” Consistency – Series Part 1



Greetings Productive Survivors!


In this week, the focus is consistency in what you do. Why is that important in leadership both in your professional and personal life? Well it assists in developing our persistent effort to get things done that matter to those within our circle and beyond. When we focus on designing a blueprint to accomplish our goals, then we develop a roadmap to deliver the results that we seek. It is not easy down the path of previous choices that lead us to no where, however, it should not stop us. In this week of my podcast, I provide additional strategies to assist you in developing the focal piont of consistency, which is the first step to conquer what you seek.


Additionally, below is another quick assessment to get you going in the right direction that finally you can aim and achieve success by consistently getting things done.


1 ) Only you can choose to start again after previous procrastination, choose a different path

2) In life we see failures as quit-towns to reconsider our ability – cease that frame of focal point

3) Starting again is not desired due to the unknown, when you should start networking with those that started again and doing well

4) Looking forward to something better often restricts us to design a new reality due to the inconsistency of results – start to believe it is possible

5) The limitation of resources often reinforce to not be consistent in finding other ways that can accomplish your goals – there is always another way



Check out this week podcast that highlight my article on the importance in consistency and stay tune for the next week continuation of this series of blog articles to you “Tell It In Five” to help you succeed for this last month of the year:


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