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Nichel Anderson, MBA., is a professional speaker, author, instructor that has been featured in a national and international magazine. She is a powerful motivational speaker that aims in assisting attendees to reach their highest potential for long-term success.

Ms. Anderson's Webinars are designed to identify the setbacks people experience in personal and professional endeavors for effective solutions. Classes are grouped into courses for continuation of learning to obtain long-term success for surviving their journey forward.

In every webinar, the interactive model is interwoven for the participate to utilize in their own lives for successful results. Life is a journey. Book your webinar now!

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Forums and Groups

Participate in others desire to learn and explore their full potential at Nichel Anderson's Network that promotes successful outcomes through BuddyPress & BBPress.

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Multi Media Learning

You’ll experience creative media for innovative strategies to reinforce informative main points. The questions are geared for visual and auditory learning that promote self - change.

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 Badges and Certificates

You can receive badges and certificates for courses of completion. The badges are geared for encouragement to continue in learning for prior completed assignments that promotes long-term learning objectives. The certificates are completion documents to identify your success in a particular study of focus.

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Time Based Quizzes

The concept is assessment during periods of reflection, in which, the time based quizzes hones on for efficient learning abilities.

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 Interactive Discussions

Career Development Courses

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    Beth Ankor [ Project Management ]



      James Dillion [ Technology ]



        Luke Benson [ Strategic Management ]

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