Get Motivated. Be Inspired. Change your perspective!
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Nichel Anderson

"I'm passionate about helping people push back depression, anxiety, as well procrastination, and enormous stress in the workplace of Corporate America as well as in our personal lives. I believe to know during our journey we can reach mental peace and joy. You are somebody of worth. Choose a happy life!"

When we speak with truth, we heal for a happier life.


We gain success when are motivated and gain knowledge to better cooperate in a collaboration that brings successful team building results. We especially succeed when we aim towards our personal goals that are in alignment to the right timing for change. Nichel Anderson can help you reach your desired results for a happier life and mental peace. Choose to change your projectory. Choose to succeed today!

Aiming to inspire your perspective.


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Aiming to inspire your perspective.

Podcast Show




Get in the know by learning the key strategies Nichel Anderson provides during her podcast shows that are available on the YouTube Channel "Surviving Your Journey Towards Success" that aims in delivering quality content that inspire, motivate, and get moving forward for your sustain mental peace.

You too can be happy!


Nichel's Blog - focuses on topics related to the workplace, personal lives of our journey to get mental peace, and joy.

Get Nichel's book featured in Essence Magazine as the "Corporate Climber Bible" for success & create your journey.

Try this Motivational Journal by Nichel "It's a new day" a daily affirmation of purpose to remove anxiety & depression.

MERCH Store with motivational quotes by Nichel to aspire your mission to get and sustain your mental peace - a happy life.


"Surviving Your Journey Towards Success"

When we believe to know our strengths, we soar over setbacks and grow!

We all have a journey to tell and learn from others, in Ms. Nichel Anderson's book "Corporate America: Surviving Your Journey Towards Success" dealt with challenges in the workplace with solutions that created this podcast show "Surviving Your Journey Towards Success" discussing our personal struggles, triumphs, and success. Tune in on iTunes or Podbean for bimonthy during regular seasons. Follow podcast show today here. Be inspired. Be motivated. Be the you that you were born to be.

Audry.io Interviews Nichel

My podcast story on Audry

Nichel was recently interviewed by Audry that is a new great platform for podcasters to network and present their podcast shows in a one medium that helps them grow as well as develop productive collaborations for listeners to receive rich content. Read it here.


WEBINAR - Change Your Life "Intelligence Power of the Mind"

You want to start mastering your intellect that empowers your Intelligence Power of the Mind that assists in dealing with depression and anxiety? Join NicheL Anderson FREE Webinar "The Intelligence Power of the Mind that hones on the ability to refocus on proactive measures that gains your mental peace. The webinar focuses on key strategies that Nichel Anderson will elaborate more so from her influential podcast show "Surviving Your Journey Towards Success that assists you to remove the peril of constant depression and anxiety for a happier life forward.

Register today here - for the FREE Webinar and get a blueprint to dealing with this recent world pandemic that challenges us all to create a new life strategy of hope and mental peace - for a fabulous event to auto get added to the sign-up list.

Date: Saturday, April 9, 2022| Time: 1:30 pm EST Learn To Elevate Your Power Of Mind Intelligence To Push Back Depression or Anxiety In These Uncertain Times. Find out your triggers and apply strategic action remedies that remove them for your mental peace. Identify the core procrastination from the root base and instantly improve your mood while now predominantly having to stay at home more. Implement some new methods that highlight the positives and dominate the days with more proactive thinking that raises your intelligence within a new world of uncertainty - faster thinking ability thru the uncertainty.

Nichel's Blog

To Define Your Worth Is Important

"Define Your Worth" the host Nichel Anderson discussed why it is so important to Define Your Worth that will lead to your mental peace forward moving to a better life. The pursuit for a happier and joyful life is knowing who we are in the position of this world.

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